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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

1. CNN robs Politico of another journalist… See HuffPost‘s piece by Michael Calderone here

2. John Bolton may soon leave Fox News to run for Prez… says a story in the Washington Examiner. The source is unnamed but works at Fox News. See here.

3. Get ready for another season of ABC’s “The Bachelor”… A story about host Chris Harrison is apt to make anyone down on love. The divorcee says he’s “stunningly happy” after his divorce. The GQ depiction of Harrison is a must see. The new season airs tonight. See here.

4. More crap about TNR‘s Chris Hughes… See here.

5. Rob Lowe is somehow a hero while on vacation in Hawaii… See here.

6. See Bill Clinton with prostitutes… Thanks to Daily Mail. See here.