OPINION: David Bossie The Top Choice For White House Chief

A.J. Rice | CEO of Publius PR

Gen. John Kelly (USMC-ret.) is out as President Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff. By all accounts, and in every administration, chief of staff is one of the most difficult jobs.

The chief of staff is part traffic cop, part tone-setter, the president’s chief advocate and, often, the president’s closest adviser and sometimes critic. It’s stressful and round-the-clock; the average chief of staff lasts just 18 months.

Vice President Mike Pence’s chief, Nick Ayers, has already come up and taken himself out of contention to replace Kelly. The beltway media now report that conservative field commander David Bossie is in frame. Trump must select Bossie and only Bossie.

Bossie knows who are where Trump’s enemies are

The West Wing needs an Orkin man. It’s no secret that every Republican president is given the enemy treatment by the mainstream media, and this president gets an extra tonnage of it.

But David Bossie not only knows who Trump’s media enemies are; he also knows who all of the president’s Deep State political enemies are, too.

He and Corey Lewandowsky literally wrote the book on it, and in full disclosure, I was part of the team to help promote it. Bossie’s knowledge of the dangerous political landscape the president faces is unmatched. Bossie is one of the most disciplined, organized clients I have ever worked with, and his ability to troubleshoot and see chess moves in advance is unmatched.

With a new Democratic Congress, the White House will be on a war footing. Eisenhower needed Patton the way Trump needs Bossie.

Additionally, Bossie is no newcomer to the Trump orbit. He was a deputy campaign manager before #MAGA won the White House. So he knows the president, is frequently around the president and understands the president.

Bossie is a loyal and effective Trump whisperer

No more snatching names out of a magic hat and giving them White House jobs. Bossie is his own man and Donald Trump is famously his own man. He tweets his own tweets, and he says whatever is on his mind. He can count the number of true advisers on two hands or one — and Bossie is one of them. Trump listens to and respects him.

The Cohen indictment plus the Democrats’ impeachment dementia make it certain that political war is coming between now and 2020. Investigations are a certainty. Bossie has the president’s ear and, perhaps more importantly, does not have his own agenda, except fidelity to making America great again.

The president will need a warrior, and he also needs a thinker. That’s David Bossie.

Bossie has the battle scars and the wins and losses tattoos from being in the trenches of the conservative movement for decades. Who else has a Supreme Court victory baring his nonprofit, Citizens United’s name? He is a no-nonsense leader who gets things done. That’s what President Trump needs now and heading into 2020.

Bossie drives the left bonkers

I repeat, two words encapsulate why Bossie will be important: Citizens United.

The left waves that 2010 Supreme Court decision around like a bloody shirt. They blame it for everything bad in politics today, and if they could find a way to pin global warming on the Citizens United decision, they would. Even President Barack Obama blasted it during a state of the union address — with the majority of the Supreme Court in the audience.

The left would like us all to forget that the Citizens United case began with a film that was effectively critical of Hillary Clinton. Bossie made the film, effectively making himself the Orson Welles of conservatism.

The SCOTUS decision affirmed that Americans can form groups and raise money as a form of political speech to criticize our politicians. This is a bedrock, fundamental right. And it drives the left bananas. So expect the media-left to expend a great deal of time and energy just chasing Bossie around.

Bossie will be the Machiavellian bete noir behind the scenes — the shadow they can never grasp. The Sir Francis Walsingham of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Meanwhile, Trump continues to enact his agenda. Outside all that, Bossie understands the power of image better than most other conservatives. This will be indispensable to the president as he seeks re-election.

The media-left are gearing up for political thermonuclear war as long as Trump is president. He will need warriors who will fight for him, not swamp creatures, to win. Bossie is a conservative movement warrior. He has the ideological chops, the discipline and the practical leadership skills.

To keep winning and keep his enemies at bay, David Bossie is President Trump’s ideal pick. Bank on it.

A.J. Rice is the CEO of Publius PR. He has produced or promoted Laura Ingraham, David Bossie, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Monica Crowley, Corey Lewandowski, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Steve Hilton, Anthony Scaramucci, Pastor Paula White, and many others.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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