Patriots Super Bowl Victory Gets A TV Rating Of 44.9, Lowest Watched Game In A Decade

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The Patriots big win Sunday night in the Super Bowl over the Rams didn’t draw a spectacular television rating.

According to Austin Karp, the game got an overnight rating of 44.9 on CBS, which means roughly 45 percent of households with televisions tuned in. That’s the lowest watched game in a decade.

Yikes, this is not what you’d like to see if you’re a CBS executive or in the NFL. How was this game the lowest watched game since 2009?

That doesn’t make much sense at all. It featured the Patriots and the Rams. Both teams provide great storylines, and should have drawn plenty of eyeballs. (RELATED: Patriots Beat The Rams In The Super Bowl)

Apparently, that wasn’t the case at all.


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Seriously, how was Tom Brady getting his sixth ring not watched by more people? This country loves football, and yet, it was the lowest watched Super Bowl since I was in high school.

That’s not what the NFL wants at all.


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Maybe it was the lack of scoring. Maybe it was people just used to the Patriots winning so much. I honestly have no idea, but those numbers aren’t great.

I can promise you Goodell isn’t pleased with them at all.

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