Is Donald Trump The New Lincoln?

Stretching executive power

ESPN Releases Emotional Video One Year After The Suicide Of Football Star

It's sad

NBA Player Has Incredible Tweet Remembering One Of The Greatest Shots In Basketball History

It's outstanding

Kansas City Chiefs Release Insanely Stupid Video. Should They Be Forced To Forfeit?

What are they doing?

Khabib Discusses Potential Rematch With Conor McGregor. Fans Will Riot When They Hear What He Said

Not good

Kasich Uses CNN Gig To Raise Money

'Share and grow Gov. Kasich's message'

A French Protester Is In A Coma After Riot Police Shot Him

'They shot us like rabbits'

How To Grow A Beard, By Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz made the right call by growing a beard.

Steny Hoyer Breaks With Nancy Pelosi: No, A Wall Is Not 'Immoral'

'A wall that protects people is not immoral'

'Disrespectful': Google Employees Melt Down Over The Word 'Family'

'It's offensive'

Jim Inhofe Rails Against Abortion With Bible Verses Ahead Of March For Life

'The unborn are the most vulnerable'

Democratic Sen Mazie Hirono Questions Bill Barr's 'Morality' After He Showed Support For Trump

'He was clearly testifying for an audience of one'

The Tappan Zee Bridge Was Blown Up This Week. Watch The Awesome Footage

Controlled demolition

Billboard Tells LA Teachers They'll Save $1,000 Per Year If They Quit Their Union

'This district is a couple of steps away from insolvency'

Turns Out, That 'Chris Collinsworth Slide' Everyone Is Talking About Is Fake

You can't trust anyone in media

A Game For Children About Defusing Bombs Pulled From Shelves. This Is A National Disgrace

What is going on?

Remember 'To Catch A Predator' Host Chris Hansen? He's Been Arrested

This isn't good...

A Woman Called Meghan Markle Fat Today. Here's How She Responded

Could have been bad

Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts Announces His Transfer Decision. Will He Dominate At His New School?

What do you think?

One Of The Most Famous Men Alive Will Star In New TV Show About Trump's Proposed Space Force

Here's what the fans need to know

NFL Coach Gives Laugh-Out-Loud Comments About His Physical Exam

Here's what he said

Joe Scarborough Invokes 'Seinfeld' To Prove Republicans Don't Want A Border Wall

'Republicans did not want this wall'

'My Story Is An Example': Immigrant Explains How His Life Became The American Dream

If you don't succeed in this country, the fault is on you

Professional Interpreter Makes Case Against Subpoena For Trump-Putin Meeting Notes

'it would cause severe damage to our ability to do our job'

White House Condemns Rep. King, Calls On Dems To Do The Same Within Caucus

'Steve King’s comments were abhorrent'

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